Thursday, March 29, 2012

Short Film Sharing #2: Death Buy Lemonade

The next short film I would like to share is called "Death Buy Lemonade". It is a very short short film. Only 2 minutes in length but full of a lots of humor and great characterizations. I think its a great example in how you can tell a very fun engaging story in very little time. The two things I love about this film are that the characters are so clearly defined as well as their motives. We know exactly what each character is thinking and doing at any given moment. Their is no ambiguity in anything that any character does. The other thing I love is the use of color and framing to help make things funny or more clear. For Example when the guy dies his body turns a pale blue color and instantly we know he just died. Had the animation been the same and his color not changed we probably would have assumed that he just passed out. But the use of color makes it very very clear that he just died.
As far as framing goes we can look at the introduction of death. The first shot we get is of the girl looking up as a giant ominous shadow drifts down past her setting up the idea that something scary is happening. Then we get a steep up shot of death, seemingly looking down at her with all the color pulled out of the sky. Where just a second ago the sky had been blue and clear its now cloudy and dark. All of this sets up the idea that this character is something to be feared. The next shot we go to is a fairly flat angle of death standing there kind of hunched over, looking a little confused with all the colors of the world back to normal. That build, and then that turn around from something we think is going to be really scary to something that is not scary at all is what makes that a really fun moment. It goes back to the idea of building up an expectation in the viewers mind and then giving them something they never would have expected.
The last thing I want to say is good job to everyone who worked on this short film. It is really well done and it is one of my favorite short films without a doubt. I hope everyone else enjoyed this short film. If you guys have any short films to share, add them to the comments section! I always enjoy watching good short films!

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