Monday, March 19, 2012

Pandas Animation Tricks #14

This time the topic is cliches in animation. I cover a couple key cliches to avoid and talk about ways to avoid cliches you don't even know are cliches. I hope this is helpful to you guys as always. As far as the video this time I was planning on doing a video based around a larger concept. I am going to do it but for now I didn't have enough time to get all the prep materials ready. This next one I got cooking is gonna require me to animate a shot as a demonstration. So you guys can look forward to seeing that sometime next month!


J.K. Riki said...

Good stuff! (As usual.) One thing I'd love to have seen would be some "alternatives poses." You spent a lot of time talking about "the lot of ways you can express this without resorting to X pose" but we didn't get to SEE any. That usually helps me a lot, even though obviously it's up to the animator to creatively find new ways. Anyway, just a thought. :)

AFightingPanda said...

Yeah, I hear what you are saying. The main reason I didnt really attempt that kind of thing is simply because it would defeat the point of the video in the first place. The idea is to show you guys cliches so you can avoid them and come up with unique interesting takes on the same idea. Breaking down how I would approach a particular idea could be helpful to some people I worry that a lot of people would just try to use my idea. These videos are about trying to get people to think about their animations more in depth. The more work I put on the shoulders of the animators the better for them and their shots. Also if I did that the video could have been at least 4-5 minutes longer.