About me

Hey! My name is Keith Glass AKA AFightingPanda. First I would like to say welcome to my blog. Its great having you here. Let me tell you a bit about myself! I knew I wanted to be an animator for years. I actually decided that is what I wanted to do way back in 2003, when I was still only in junior high. I studied animation at the Art institute of Dallas from 2006-2009 getting my BFA in media arts. After I graduated I realized I wasn't ready for a job anywhere. After about 9 months of reel polishing and job hunting I saw that there was a new online animation school opening up called ianiamte.net. I looked into it and decided that if I was ever going to have a shot at being an animator it was where I needed to be. I went to ianimate from September of 2010 until December of 2011 when I was one of very first graduates of ianimate. In September of 2012 I got hired at Reel FX creative studios as an apprentice on their first feature film Free Birds. After being an apprentice for awhile I got upgraded to Jr. Animator. I finished out Free Birds and am now still working at Reel FX on their second feature Book of Life.

As far as non animation related stuff I like to do I love watching movies, animated tv shows, playing video games, listening to music, reading books, baking, swimming, and playing frisbee.