Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pandas animation tricks #15

In this video is about dealing with floaty-ness in animation. Specifically floaty-ness caused by going from stepped to spline too early. To expand upon what I said in the video. The goal is to have a key roughly every 4-6 frames. If you have that before you go to spline then you should be in solid shape. You only really get in trouble when you have really long stretches where there are no keys to help sell the movement. In some cases if a move is complex you may end up having keys every 2 frame or if a move demands frame by frame changes then having a key on every frame in blocking is fine. Anyway guys thank you for watching my video, following my blog, my twitter, and supporting my endeavor to help the world animate just a little bit better.

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John Gunning said...

That was really one of the things for me that took some getting use to coming from 2d to 3d. And i think in the future im going to spend more time blocking the past few projects i done i thought awesome its gonna be fine then i start to spline and its akin to being disappointed with your present on xmas morning.