Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mountain of Dreams

What makes us happy? As people what makes us happy? I would suppose that for every person it is different. Some people want more than anything to be financially well off, others just want to be loved. I have found as time goes on that money cant make me happy. It can place me in situation in which I can be happy but it in and of itself is unable to make me happy. I could understand how some people just want to be loved, it feels great to know that there are people out there who truly care for you, and want to make sure you are alright. I can understand and have no qualms with that at all.

For me though, what makes me happy is the mountain that is my ambition. I am most happy when I am climbing a mountain fighting with everything I have to achieve a personal goal. Each mountain is different, each has its own hurdles, its own peaks and plateaus, its own weather and own emotion. Working towards my dreams basically is what I am saying here. Working towards my dreams is what makes me happy. I will admit at that many times it can be frustrating and depressing finding just how far you have to go in order to achieve those dreams to, reach the summit. But my god when you hit the peak and look back at how far you have come, how much you have endured, how much you have suffered. The feeling is the greatest of all, it makes me beyond happy, elation would be a better word for it. Ambition in my mind is an extension of love, and a physical manifestation of who we are as people. Whatever you drive towards, whatever it is you work and love for is very telling about who you are.

I am not a man who believes in any kind of god or deity. I don't trust that there is any higher purpose than what we create for ourselves. This post is a reminder, for myself and for anyone else who may be reading this that time is short. Find your love, and your ambition and start climbing the mountain that is your dream. Don't let bills, or the problems of the moment, or yourself! Keep you from working, and climbing, and wishing, and dreaming. Don't let life slide by, don't let time creep up onto you and say "gotcha". Keep your dreams alive, keep your love alive, and find your mountain whatever it is, and climb, climb until your hands are broken, and your legs are sore, climb until you feel as though you are going to fall apart. When that time comes I promise you, that through all the pain and sacrifices you will have more love and happiness in your heart than ever before. Because you made your own destiny, you blazed your own trail, and most importantly because at the summit of your mountain you will be able to see the next mountain, your next big adventure.

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