Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pandas animation tricks #3

Ok, a 2 parter this time. I break down here how I go about doing a ball bounce. Now please note the important video is the first one, the good information is all in that video. The second video is all technical crap and me sort of just moving stuff around in maya. If you actually are new to animation and maya watch both videos. If you are more experienced you can skip the second video, but give the first video a watch, I think you might get something out of it. Oh I am also doing a bunch of these because I have a feeling once I get going with ianimate that I am not going to be able to make very many of these so that is my excuse for the excess of knowledge sharing.

NOTE::: This video is about a realistic representation of a bouncing ball, However you can adjust this work flow to do just about anything. Timing yourself doing actions is also a very good way of finding your timing. I know a lot of people like to work on Bouncing balls with "character". To those people I would tell you to act out whatever you want your ball to do and get your timing off of that. Take video reference of yourself, or just use a stopwatch but get solid character based reference for your character ball.

On a personal bullshit note I just spent two days searching for audio clips to use for my upcoming animation for IA. That was a bit of hell, trying to figure out how to rip audio off of a dvd, I finally managed it but I dont know why it had to be that hard. Another thing I noticed was the strange thing about AI and IA. what do I mean? Ok I am from Iowa which abbreviated is IA, I went to school at the Art Institute of Dallas or the art institute AI, and I am now going to ianimate, which of course is being called IA...strange, no?

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