Friday, October 15, 2010

Pandas animation tricks #4

Hey guys this video is about my general maya set up. I also show how to set up your own selection buttons using a mel script and a quick run through of layers and how they can be helpful. In the video I talk about setting up maya to adjust all viewports at the same time but couldn't find the setting in the settings/preferences section. I found it though and to change that setting you go to settings/preferences - Timeline - update view- then select all instead of active. Anyway guys if you have any questions for me about this stuff let me know. Its pretty simple stuff but people were asking so I figured I would go ahead and throw this out there. I don't know what I am going to do for the next one but I am going to try to make it pretty cool. That is enough about this, onto general news.....

So to catch up with what I have been doing for the last couple weeks. I started Ianimate and have been animating my first shot which is really close to being done. I am working on the lip sync and having a horrible time trying to get it to look right. I have done it, started over, and done it again, multiple times. Part of the problem is my lack of skill with lip sync in general. The other problem is the design of the character I am using....giant chin. For you animation friends out there you can maybe see how that might be a problem. On the brighter side I have started planning on my second shot which should be a lot more fun than this last one since it isn't so stoic and strong and a bit more loose. Ianimate in general is pretty cool! I have met a lot of cool guys who are producing some great work. The couple of dreamworks guys I have talked to are super cool and my instructor Tal is a class act all the way and its been a treat to be in his class. Besides a number of tech problems that I have been dealing with, either with the site or the conferences its been a pretty cool experience so far. I have never been in a group of animators who are so skilled and into animation as myself. That change is so welcome I can hardly express it in words. The push to get better is so strong being around animators of that class that I have really started to probe at where my weaknesses are and thinking about how I am going to remedy those and push beyond my current level. That is awesome! Because I haven't had that drive since I worked on stuff for Tart at the Art Institute which was well over a year ago now. As for the job hunt there has been a bit of a dry spell as far as industry work is concerned. I keep seeing the same five jobs which I have already applied for popping up. As usual nothing at entry level and everyone is looking for at least 3 years of experience. I am not going to let it get me down, all I can do is keep working, pushing, and hoping that I will eventually get so good as an animator that people would be nuts to not give me a shot.

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