Monday, August 16, 2010

Hey everyone just putting up a post because I am excited to announce I am now a student at the new online animation school created by Jason Ryan. Its an online school that is much cheaper than animation mentor with an interesting program. It gives you one on one time with actual animators that are in the industry right now (mostly dream works guys) and they are going to be giving us specially built rigs and stuff which is cool. This is basically going to burn a hole in my butt though because I now have to get a part time job to cover the monthly payments needed to cover the course. I think though given the people involved it will be worth it. I had been telling myself that after I get a job as a game animator somewhere I can go ahead and go to animation mentor because I can afford it at that point. I decided to go with because I can afford it NOW and it will allow me to add things to my reel which will help me get a job sooner. That also means that I have to finish my game reel by the end of this month. That is kind of a tight deadline but hell I have done more with less time so lets do this thing! Oh and the classes start on the 16 of September I think so after that I am going to start having a lot more updates on my blog. it might actually turn into something people will want to read!

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