Thursday, August 19, 2010

Game reel stuff - Death animation

So I am working on my game reel right now trying to get it done before I start in early september. I just finished up the render on it so here is the video. If you see any problems let me know please and also let me know if you think the colors are working. I may have to go tweak them because they are quite vibrant. Anyway I am on to my other couple animations I need to get finished in the next week or so. continued later....

So instead of adding a new post I am going to add to this one. I had a grand idea of what my "game reel should be" it was leaning heavily on cycles and the like. I got an email from a guy I know who is pretty cool and he is a game animator and he was nice enough to throw me some pointers. he basically said game animation isnt all cycles. He said a lot of things but the big thing for me was the idea that it wasnt about making a character move in a cycle but what you can do with a cycle that counts. That kind of made me think about my approach in general. I have been for a long time been working on my stuff thinking that if it was technically good then there ya go end of story I should land a job with that. That obviously isnt the case at this point. I see guys getting jobs out there with reels that arent technically as polished as my own but I will admit that their reels are more ENTERTAINING! I can have the the most polished reel on the planet but when it comes time to remember who's reel had the most impact who are you going to care about more? The guy that made you go "oh that is technically well done" or the guy that made you laugh? I think the answer is obvious. But to push that idea farther what if you got the laugh and it was well animated? That is where I need to be. So I scrapped a couple of ideas I had for shots I was going to do and have come up with different ones that should be more interesting and entertaining overall. The death animation is going to stay though cause I think its alright and the feedback I have gotten so far has been pretty minimal so I am feeling good about that.

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