Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New shot and a bit of bad news.

So I did a post where I showed a screen cap of a new shot I was starting which I was really interested in and was super excited about. The problem was that about two weeks ago my comp got a HORRIBLE virus. I basically lost a week and a half of animation work and completely lost that new shot. Didn't even have the set up shots I made which sucks because I felt like it would have been cool. But anyway no reason to cry over lost animation files. On another note I was skimming through some audio files and I found one that was just SOOO funny I have never seen the movie this comes from but this is really funny and I loved it so much I dropped everything to do a block on it. So here below this post is my blocking of this new shot. I don't know if its going to turn out great but I really really need to replace the dialogue shot I did at AI since it really isn't that good or at least to the level I know I am at. For when I made it it is fine but I am better than that now.

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YBourykina said...

awwwee the princess bride, that was a good movie, sorry about the computer crashing, that's happened to me before :(
good luck on the new animation though, i'll be keeping an eye on it :D