Sunday, June 20, 2010

Finding the love

I came to a realization the other day that I had come to not like working on animation. I still liked watched it and I still read up on it and studied it but I wasnt having any fun at it, in a word animation had become work. I realized that and just stopped. I put my mouse down and said "this isnt right" and went outside to sit down. I sat and thought that I still watched animation but I wasnt engaged in it. I wasnt being entertained I was disecting it, and examening it, learning from it. I read up on animation not because I really was curious about the process and because it was fun to learn I was trying to find ways to improve my process. Animation had become a job, it was work, it was cold and it was technical. So I have stopped. I got into animation because I really loved it, I had a passion for it and enjoyed just the thought of getting to be a part of the animation world. Through all the stress and the sweat and the axiety I wasnt getting anything more than stress and axiety. I wasnt gaining anything more, I wasnt growing, and I wasnt developing into anything more than a tool, a machine that animates. So I have decided before I animate again I am going to find my love of animation. I am going to watch animated films and just be entertained by them, I am going to go back to the shows of my childhood and love them again just because they are funny and should be loved. I am going on a hunt to ignite my passion and my love for art and animation and stop myself from becomeing an animation bridge troll before its too late.

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