Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Got 30th.....sadly.

So I finished up my animation for the 11 second club for April 2010. The votes were cast and I got 30th out of 177 entries. Which sucks to be honest. I figured I was going to grab at least a top 25....bleh. Oh well just have to do it better next time. Doing a self critique I can see that I just didn't get the emotional resonance I wanted too with the final look for the female character. I really should have pushed the camera closer to her face as well as pushed the emotions she was feeling. I also feel like I could have polished a couple of moves, one in particular. If I had to do it again I would have reconsidered the leaning on a table thing. That was just a technical challenge across the board. Having to make sure that the arms and hands and fingers don't clip through the geometry was a bear to handle and took a lot of time which I could have spent elsewhere. I was also relying too much on my animation to convey what I wanted to. Though that is my primary function, it isn't the only aspect of animation, there were a lot of things I could have pushed and improved in order to have pushed my entry farther up the voting charts. Such as working on better textures and lighting, going through the trouble of finding real clothes and hair. Doing the little details such as adding some kind of text on the document the guy slides over. All of these things would have pushed the shot farther if not the animation. Overall I think its an OK little piece. It sure isn't reel material by any stretch of the imagination but its OK.

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