Thursday, April 29, 2010

11 Second club cont.

So I am getting along, Animation always takes longer than I anticipate which is annoying. Its just the fact that the little things take longer than you think they should so I am getting bogged down by that. At this point right now I have 44 hours left to finish up my piece, which includes not just animation but lighting and rendering and uploading the final video and all that. I am going way slower and I would prefer and at this rate I wont finish on time to the quality that I would prefer. Of course I started significantly later than I should have but I knew what I was getting into when I started this thing. I think this entry is going to get a better rating than the last one that I uploaded to the competition which got 70th out of 204 which is alright since I did it in about 3 days, and as more of a lark. This though I am actually investing some time into I am really hoping for something more significant. I dont anticipate winning this time around though since the quality just isnt going to be there, the acting is going to be there, the movement isnt going to be there, the rendering wont really be all that impressive, and compared to what I have seen win in these other competition I foresee a few dark horses coming out of no where to nab up a pretty big victory. I didnt get any of the emotion or subtext that I was looking to get into my shot but I am hoping that somehow it will still manage to radiate through by the time I finish but I just dont know, anyway wish me luck I could use it.

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