Thursday, May 29, 2014

Update and TRAILER!

So just a rough update of what I have been up to recently. My time with Reel FX has officially ended. It was a really great place to start out and I got to work on two really cool projects with some really great people. But budgets and whatnot meant that they couldn't afford to keep me around for the next project. So I am on the hunt for my next home at the moment, no idea where I will end up, but we shall see. Life is an adventure and it is time for the next stage.

As far as the movie that I worked on, it is called the Book of Life and the trailer came out today! So everyone check it out, it was a great project and I am incredibly happy to have gotten to work on it. I am so proud of everyone who was part of it. I think all of you are going to be super surprised when you see it in theaters in October.

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