Monday, May 19, 2014

Short Film Sharing #5: Fumiko's Confession

This is a really fun short!  It has a lot of things I really LOVE about animation.  Besides it being just funny and simple it really showcases the dream of every animation ever done.  We want to be able for anyone to understand what is going even without dialogue.  I don't speak any Japanese (Chinese?) but I can clearly understand what the beats of the moment are and the fact that I don't speak that language does not detract from my appreciation and enjoyment of the short at all.  That to me is HUGE.  If you animation works without understanding the dialogue; you win.  There are also a couple other things that I love about this short.  The use of dynamic camera movements for one.  The shot of the old lady walking with her basket and then the camera pans over really quickly and then tracks the girl as she is running down the hill and then as she hits the basket is really a fun shot that adds a lot to the overall feel of the short.  The last thing that I will say about this short that I think makes this such a success is the fact that it taps into something I think everyone has felt at one time or another.  When you start running down a hill and you hit this point where your legs have moved faster than you ever thought that they could.  You are running so fast you don't feel in control anymore and at that point you are just along for the ride.  That tiny emotion is a universal one that this short taps into that in a really funny way.  We empathize with the girl as she traverses the landscape with her legs leading the way because we have all had that feeling at some time or another.  On top of these great elements the short has a fun art style, nice sound effects and great camera work throughout.  Congrats to everyone who worked on this short, I think it is a winner for sure. 

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