Monday, September 12, 2011

Pandas animation tricks #11

In this video I talk about animating weight shifts and the general thought process that goes into shifting the weight of the body. Sorry about the audio quality guys, it isn't nearly as good as it has been recently. Anyway I will try to have another one as soon as I can. I have actually generated a list of ideas now so I can start going through those as I find the time. A couple of the ideas I have are fairly large in scope so those should be interesting to tackle. Anyway guys I hope this helps a few of you out. Until next time!

If you are interested in using Lt Dan you can get it here.


JK Riki said...

You have no idea how insanely useful this was to me. I do 2D stuff, and while I have been AWARE of this principal for many years now, it wasn't until I watched this particular video that for some reason it hit me that I don't APPLY it. I went in and tried it on some characters and (while the drawings were poor and I have a lot still to do) it improved the dimensionality greatly. It even led me to understand the anatomy of Space Chicken, one of the characters that I designed many years ago for comics and never fully understood how to move in three dimensions! Thanks a ton, I'm thrilled at this new eureka moment.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Thanks for posting this! I found it super helpful.

Quick question: Is the Lt. Dan rig restricted? I have heard that you shouldn't use Bishop if you're not an Animation Mentor student, and I was just wondering if there were similar unwritten (or written) rules about Lt. Dan.

Thanks again!

AFightingPanda said...

@JKR - I am glad that this could be so helpful to you. I have noticed a lot of people gloss over this idea of shifting weight. I figured it would be good to talk about and I was right.

@Aaron - Yes Lt. Dan is free to use on personal tests and things. You cant use it to make money, so if you were using it on a commercial or something that would be a problem. But like most rigs for learning animation it is totally cool to use.