Monday, August 8, 2011

Rio Comparison and some General News

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I found this video over at the 11 second club so I am sure a few of you have already seen it. However it is worth posting again since it is great to be able to see the reference and thought process that goes into making these great, great shots. I would like to thank Jeff Gabor for posting this video because it is going to really get the animation community fired up, I know I am.

Update about whats going on with me.

So, workshop 5 of ianimate ended this week. It was a pretty amazing workshop I must say. I had Mike Walling, who is an amazing guy and a great animator. I wound up doing an old clip I found months and months ago which fit the bill for the workshop. It was actually a clip that was in my "must animate pile" so that was really great. I had a really clear vision as far as the emotions and the beats I wanted to hit and the shots are coming along. I have a lot left to do on my shots before they are finished. I would say I am 60 percent done. I know I am not going to be able to finish everything over this 3 week break but I figure I will get as much as I can done. After I get the shots all splined out and cleaned up I am thinking I am going to post up some videos from along the process. The video reference, The blocking, and the final animation. I think I may even toss the layout in as an extra, so you can look forward to that. As far as next workshop I am going into the final workshop at ianimate, which is pretty exciting. I am going to be working on my reel. I will be polishing up some old work and making a new shot to fill in the gaps that my reel currently has. All in all, I had a great time this workshop and hopefully I have just as much fun the next workshop. As far as the blog goes. I have 2-3 different ideas for the next pandas animation tricks video I just need to sit down and make it. Sadly I have been having technical problems with my recording software so I will have to figure that out before I can add any new videos, so it may be a little while, we shall see. Anyway guys thank you for reading, I really appreciate the support. Reading the great comments I get really makes making my videos worth while so thanks a lot for that.

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