Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pandas animation tricks #1

Hey guys I am doing a new series of videos where I show you some of my animation tricks. Things I use in Maya a lot and how they are helpful to me. I figured I should put something on my blog that isn't just my work or me lamenting about my work so here you go. Giving back, its a good thing. Oh and per request I went through my blog and put labels on everything so now searching for old blog posts will be much easier for people now....Woot!


Stefan Iverson said...

Hey Keith,
thank you for the tips.
I would like to see more of which mel scripts you use.

AFightingPanda said...

I actually don't use mel scripts at all when I animate, generally. The exception is that I use mel to create my own buttons to select different controllers and add them to my custom shelf.

Darrell said...

Cool stuff Keith! Nice to see you sharing some knowledge. I have seen that motion tracker but never knew how to do it so thanks! Keep it up!

Angelo Sta. Catalina said...

Hey good explanation on the use of motion trails.. I guess you try not to use mel scripts but maybe you can try the motion trail i wrote. Its basically the same thing but it updates based on the current frame so you dont have to keep deleting and creating new ones. You can choose how frames forward and back you'd like maya to show you. but yea cool stuff man.. cant wait to see the upcoming animation tricks

Martyn said...

I likes the non destructive keys tip, I like it and I will use it!

Also, i'd forgotten about motion trails, so I will employee those further.