Monday, August 30, 2010

New Reel!

Yay! I just finished editing my new reel together. This reel is based more towards games stuff. since I finished it a few days early I think I am going to try to do one more shot to put into it but for now this is it. I may tweek a couple of shots depending upon the feedback I get from people but this is pretty much the new reel I have been working on for so long. Just a side note I did both the guy jumping the cliffs and the ogre swinging the hammer in 6 days. so it was about three days for each animation. I am kind of proud of that although I feel the ogre swinging the hammer needs a lot more work I am just not seeing things as clearly as I would like. Now all I have to do is clean up these couple of shots and then try to get another shot done before I start at Anyway guys that is my update for now, I feel like I have been posting a lot recently but that is only because I have been doing so much work. So until next time have a good one guys! OH, and wish me luck on the job hunt!

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Angelo Sta. Catalina said...

Hey man.. the jump across the cliff looks awesome..