Thursday, July 15, 2010

quality vs speed

So I thought I would throw up a post. I haven't done all that much the last few days other than play and beat red dead redemption. The main reason being is that I find it very hard to sit at my desk and concentrate anymore and beyond that it has been so hot recently that sitting at my desk for more than a few minutes is torture. But even when I am not working I am thinking about animation. I have realized that on the animation spectrum of quality vs speed I am listing WAY too far towards the quality side. To clarify I am not saying that I need to get less quality into my work but what I am saying is that I strive for quality of work above speed and have done so for quite some time. The problem with that is that my body of work hardly ever changes. I am thinking that I need to take active steps towards getting faster at animation. I can do shots now to an alright quality, not amazing, but good solid stuff. What I need to do is try and work towards making my shots just as good but do it a lot faster. It is something I have just realized, and its so important. If I did get a job right now I would be hard pressed to meet the regular production deadlines that I would have to meet because I am just not used to dealing with a schedule like that. The shot I have done so far with the fastest turn around was my April 11 second club entry which was 11 ish seconds of animation *not finished by the way* in 7 days. Now to finish that shot all the way and get it looking really nice would require another 10-12 hours for all the pretty subtle stuff. That just isn't cool I need to be able to blast through these animations far more quickly than I am working right now.

Sub idea - dashing my hopes

I read an article today from a guy online who was talking about looking at animation reels and hiring people and he basically said this. I don't care where you went to school and I don't care who taught you what I only care about what you have produced outside of school and how good that work is. Now on one hand I can appreciate that. On the other that SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME! I mean I have NOTHING at all to my name besides school stuff. If the basis for landing that job is my reel plus what I have done after school I am royally screwed.

OHHH and I LOVE this video!! so great!

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