Monday, July 30, 2012

Short Film Sharing #4: Blik

This is an interesting short film for a couple of reasons.  Foremost being the design style.  The very minimalistic nature of this short really grabs attention.  The bright colors which are enhanced by the very direct and somewhat harsh lighting really makes the visuals pop.  The other interesting choice in this short is the choice to have characters without facial features.  In a lot of ways that could be considered a cop out.  It is difficult to rig a face and it can be very difficult to create great facial animation but most people wouldn't even consider making a character without a face.  The thing to remember is that it is so much harder to create a believable performance with only a characters body.  That is the thing we as animators are always striving for, pantomime acting.  Seeing a short which is all about pantomime acting is wonderful.  But to see a short film that is all about pantomime acting and has such an involved story such as this is a real treat.  I hope all of you take a couple minutes to watch this short film it has some bits of really good animation and a few really wonderful moments of character acting.

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Aloke_316 said...

had seen this short long ago..i couldnt get it when i was searching for it few days back...thanx for posting it!!