Monday, July 9, 2012

Daffy Duck Walk Cycle

Hey guys so I thought I would go ahead and give you an update with whats been going on with me and why there was Pandas Animation Tricks video this last month.  But first! I want to share with you one of my favorite looney tunes walk cycles, honestly there are a lot of really great ones.  This one in particular has always been a personal favorite though.  Why I think this cycle is amazing is because of the wonderful angles used by the animator.  Daffy is off balance the entire time even as he steps forward he is never quite catching his weight correctly which gives the feeling that he isn't as strong as he would like us to think.  But we not only get this wonderful forward facing angle but some great straits in the arms and hand which provides some great contrast to his puffed out chest.  The other great thing about this walk is the timing of the steps.  I love how the feet slowly pull up off the ground then snap forward into the front position.  It is a wonderful visual gag that really sells the spirit of the whole short in just this walk.

So, about the video for last month.  I am sorry about not getting one up for you guys.  I got really busy dealing with some personal stuff this last month and only now am I coming out of the crazyness.  So I am planning on having a really nice video for you guys late next week.  I have a couple of really good ideas and it is just a matter of picking one out and prepping anything I may need.  Anyway guys until then, have a good one and keep animating!

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