Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Short Film Sharing #3: Defective Detective

I think that this film is really quite a lot of fun.  For me, what makes this short film is a couple of things.  The first element is that there is no dialogue in the entire short.  All the ideas, emotions, thoughts, decisions, and actions are displayed through clear acting choices.  I think that is a wonderful element for any animated short film to have.  It is not easy to do something like that and for how effortless it looks in this short I have to say really great work making everything read.  The second thing I enjoy is the overall design of the whole thing.  The character designs are very fun and the choice to switch between a cg world and a 2d world is a very fun and effective choice.  As always, great work to everyone involved, you guys did a really great job of creating this piece. 

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