Friday, February 26, 2010

So to just kick this thing off I am working a couple things at the moment. The most important thing I am working on is my portfolio which has been in the works for a LOONNGGG time however I am coming to the end of that particular journey as far as my school work goes. The other project I am involved with is called Devils Angels and Dating. Its a short film being made right now that I am animating on. I have a shot that I working on which I will post at the bottom of this post and will post up the final as well. I am having a bit of trouble with this shot for a couple of reasons but whatever. Anyway the other thing I am working on is that I am going to be spending the next week animating in stop motion for a tiny spot within a tv show called extreme home makeover. I don't know what kind of shot I am going to get but I am jazzed to get the chance to get my hands on a stop motion project that is something I thought I would never get to do. I am probably not going to get anything great out of the stop motion thing but I don't care its the experience that I am more interested in. I really love what I do.

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